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Web Design and Hosting - as a Service, not a "Package"
Yes, we actually do have a "package" but in reality all that does is create a ballpark for your budget.  Hosting with us includes a full content management system, meaning you can do more than edit sections, you can also add certain special content on the site (like forums, blogs, calendars, etc.). Our starting rate for hosting is $50/month which includes unlimited email and phone support and up to 1 hour of graphics work per month.   This hosting rate includes shared bandwidth in our collocation center, data backups, maintenance of the servers, updates to the Content Management system, and 1 GB of storage space.  We also provide customized plans for increased bandwidth, dedicated servers, increased storage space, and other special features.

You can, in theory, create a website with anyone for virtually nothing - but only if you have the graphics skill and knowledge to set it all up.  A typical setup for us (registering the domain name, pointing to our servers, setting up the base graphics, and creating the database for your Content Management system) typically takes 3 hours (or about $100).  Then you can budget realistic success on the web for $100 once and $50 per month with the service to actually keep it maintained!  As your needs grow, we will grow your service and support right along with you.  A typical website design, with a simple clean color scheme, custom logo, and layout of initial pages and content, runs 15-20 hours; we discount that to create a "site setup" package of $500.

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INTERWEAVE TECHNOLOGIES (formerly Varsity Computing) is a full service computer and networking company that has been serving the computing needs of businesses and governmental agencies in North Alabama since 1989. We can assist you with a wide range of computer and network related technology including routers, switches, hubs, file servers, workstations, and printers.

Back Yard Burgers - Back Yard Burgers is a regional restaurant looking to grow from less than 200 stores to more than 2,000 stores within the next ten years. NearMe began working from an existing site designed by an external marketing agency, applied the design to our system and launched the public-facing site. We are in the process of building out features for both the public-facing site and the intranet for employees and franchise holders, as well as working with the corporate franchise as new national marketing initiatives are put into motion.
Mentornet - Mentornet counsels, trains and mentors entrepreneurs and the business community at large, drawing from an extensive network of subject matter experts and successful business and community leaders. NearMe designed and launched the site, and is currently working with Mentornet to develop the next phase of development.
Who's Who - Who's Who is a magazine company that franchises its unique approach and processes for the publication of a premier magazine highlighting local business leaders across the United States. NearMe took their existing family of websites, each of which was designed independently, and migrated them to our systems accomplishing both the goal of high flexibility in customization while maintaining a consistent brand image across this wide range of web portals. The result is now allowing local franchisees to easily update their franchise's content, and only their franchise's content, while maintaining a common corporate brand. NearMe Networks has simultaneously been providing strategic IT advice to the Who's Who leadership as they grow.

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